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Protecting your property/home is a basic human instinct – you’ve worked hard for what you have. Why would you jeopardize that?

At Harribow Solutions, we’re dedicated to providing you true security and peace of mind. When you know you’re safe and secure, you can rest easily

With over 15 years in the security business, you can trust us to protect your home, family, and business. We set ourselves apart with unwavering integrity and strict code of ethics.

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CCTV • Void Property • Access Control • Time Lapse Video • Intruder Alarm • ID cards


Help you to identify what might be happening on your property when you are not there

Void Property Protection

Looks after your property when you don’t have any power or telephone/network connection

Access Control Solutions

Secure and limit access to your premises

ID Card Printing

Printed ID cards and access control cards

Intruder Alarms

Protecting your property when you can’t

Nothing matters more than keeping you, your family, and your livelihood protected. That’s a large responsibility.

No one ever expects bad things to happen to them – it always happens to the other guy. Except when it doesn’t.

Time Lapse Video

Capture your project has it develops

A bit about Harribow Solutions Home Page

At Harribow Solutions, we do everything needed to ensure the quality of protection you and your family receive is of the highest calibre, because we integrate all of our services.

we’re able to deduce the most accurate picture of what’s happening during a time of high urgency. While we hope you and your family never need to use any of our emergency services, if you do, we assure you that you’ll have peace of mind you made the right choice.

With more than 15 years in the security business, we know what it takes to protect you and your property


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